Food Rotation Systems for Can Storage

Say goodbye to expired canned food and start saving money now. Food can storage management has never been easier thanks to Thrive Life Food Rotation Systems (FRS).

Food Rotation Systems for Can Storage, sometimes referred to as Can Rotating Shelves or Canned Rotating Racks are available in different sizes. They are designed to easily store and rotate a large amount of cans.

Patented front-loading technology, and optimized racking unit makes food rotation system fits easily into most storage spaces. As you load cans onto the shelving tracks, the system will rotate your cans as first-in, first-out. This will make sure your can food will always stay fresh.

Thrive Life Food Rotations Systems are customizable and offer a variety of convenient, versatile food organization options. Rotating food is now simple and easy.

Food Rotating Systems is designed and manufactured by Thrive Life. You may have heard of the award winning Thrive Freeze Dried Foods which are also an amazing line of products offered by Thrive Life.

Flexibility with FRS

Free Standing Systems

Are you are in looking for can storage and organization systems that would help not only with your current needs but also have room for future growth? With large freestanding shelving units, you can keep all your food in one place so the whole family can have easy access.

Get your Food Storage Shelves from Thrive Life at the lowest price. Why spend time building your home-built shelves when you can instantly buy one online from Thrive Life.

Family Can Systems

Dimensions: 75” H X 36” W X 24″ D, 4 Large Rows                                

Holds up to 112 family-size (#10) cans

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Pantry Can black
Pantry Can Systems

Dimensions: 75” H X 36” W X 24” D, 5 Medium Rows                           

Holds up to 275 medium to small, soup-sized cans

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Variety Can black
Variety Can Systems

Dimensions: 75” H X 36” W X 24″ D, 2 Large Rows, 1 Medium and 2 Small Rows

Holds up to 300 cans of different sizes

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On Shelf Units - Cansolidator Series

Utilize the shelves you have with our on-shelf units. Simply place on top for easy access and a sensible way to utilize wasted space. Specially designed for pantries and cupboards. Cansolidator is a unique system for storing food. Can racks have optimized tracks to help you maximize your limited storage space.

Pantry Plus
Pantry Plus

Holds 60 cans


Holds 40 cans


Holds 20 cans

The Cansolidator series is easy to assemble and guarantees a more organized pantry in minutes. Sturdy, compact, and reliable, the Thrive Life On Shelf Can Storage units are the perfect solution for any pantry. 

Thrive Life Foods Cans - Up to 25 Years Shelf Life